Thursday, 5 November 2009

What friends put up with

Those of us who have been in the saga called shidduchim for a large number of years are probably almost desensitized to the comments and opinions made by others, from the 7 year old neighbor who thought he was being charmingly cute to Mrs Must-Wear-Black-&-I-Love-Gossip from down the block to the loud, supposedly caring, opinionated great-aunt, may she live to be 120 but not in my hearing. But we lot, who are still single, are a hardy bunch and have learnt to let what they say slip right off us, in some ways we may have even grown accustomed to them.

Today, I experienced a shift, any sympathy I had for myself has taken a short journey to my good friend. The poor woman has had to put up with enough. Besides for the constant questions she has to answer about me (none productive) she has now had to start giving judgment on why she, as I married woman with kids is friends with a 'single'. She has been asked, why she has chosen to be friends with me, what it is like being friends with a 'single', whether there are lots of uncomfortable moments, why I am not just friends with other singles, why she complicates her life by being so friendly with me, whether it is appropriate to invite me to a Sheva Brochos she is making, how she finds things to say to me...and some more!

I tell ya, the woman is a saint, I'd have long told all those people of go take a hike!