Sunday, 31 May 2009

Where do you hail from?

I usually blog around a title but this time haven't yet thought of a suitable one, so I will just have to write and then see what I can come up with afterward. I joined this blogging world near on two years ago (ooh, ideas for an anniversary post??) and a few of you first got to know me though my blog from that time. After some 'to'ing and 'fro'ing with wondering whether to write a blog again (never stopped reading them) I have settled where I am now and have b''h made some great blogger friends from over the pond. I guess it is when I read the blogs and comments and notice the teasing, easy-going chat between you bloggers that I realized - a lot of you know each other, a lot of you meet up, a lot of you have become friends. My friends here in England don't blog, they probably wouldn't even know what it is and I haven't told anyone about my blog has sort of become the place that is exclusively mine, together with all of you of course, although not sure how that one works out but sure that you get what I mean :). Obviously, being here in England this isn't really a possibility of how to spend a Sunday afternoon (just the wee hours of the night!!) but I wondered, are there really no other bloggers out there from England? (I know that I have one as yet unidentified reader who wishes to remain nameless ;)) It would be nice to share your thoughts on a secret life.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Gut Yom Tov

Just to wish all my readers a good Yom Tov and enjoy the days for the fact that the mitzvah this Yom Tov is just that - to enjoy the fact that Hashem gave us Yom Tov and told us to enjoy ENJOY ;)

Thursday, 21 May 2009


I have a bizarre question for u readers....have any of you ever driven bare foot? Due to a range of weirdly embarrassing reasons I ended up doing that recently. Once my shoes were off, for the first minute or two I miss judged the pedals a bit as I was used to my feet being in a certain position - now there was nothing to lean against the floor and my feet were sort of in the air over the pedals but after getting over the disconcertedness (such a word?), the sensation felt quite free. It made me grateful that cars are not made from glass as I am not sure what other drivers on the road would have made of it. Then again the thought at what I was doing and knowing that no other drivers were aware got me giggling to any other nutters out there? :)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

What you say defines you?

I recently injured my leg which meant that I suddenly had severe limitations imposed on my movement and more importantly independence. Seems, for some reason, word got around more than I would have liked but what really intrigued me was how the comments people made to me spoke so much about their very own essence. I am not talking about humorous comments regarding how ended up as I did but rather the views on how I should spend this 'extra time' I had suddenly acquired that required effort to fill as I was laid up and lessons I should be learning. In some I discovered new depths, others what they sought in their life and from others what was lacking. It then set me thinking, what advice do I give to others and what is it saying about me...actually, aren't we being defined every time that they speak. So I ask, although we are ourselves and we want to be naturally the way we are, what impression are we giving every time we open our mouths and what perceptions are being drawn up about us? Are we revealing our essence or what it is we are lacking? And most of all - do we practice what we preach?