Sunday, 31 May 2009

Where do you hail from?

I usually blog around a title but this time haven't yet thought of a suitable one, so I will just have to write and then see what I can come up with afterward. I joined this blogging world near on two years ago (ooh, ideas for an anniversary post??) and a few of you first got to know me though my blog from that time. After some 'to'ing and 'fro'ing with wondering whether to write a blog again (never stopped reading them) I have settled where I am now and have b''h made some great blogger friends from over the pond. I guess it is when I read the blogs and comments and notice the teasing, easy-going chat between you bloggers that I realized - a lot of you know each other, a lot of you meet up, a lot of you have become friends. My friends here in England don't blog, they probably wouldn't even know what it is and I haven't told anyone about my blog has sort of become the place that is exclusively mine, together with all of you of course, although not sure how that one works out but sure that you get what I mean :). Obviously, being here in England this isn't really a possibility of how to spend a Sunday afternoon (just the wee hours of the night!!) but I wondered, are there really no other bloggers out there from England? (I know that I have one as yet unidentified reader who wishes to remain nameless ;)) It would be nice to share your thoughts on a secret life.


Something Different said...

Sorry can't help you, I'm not from England, but I was just wondering....weren't you in NY recently? ;-)

Floating Reflections said...

Ah, so it was you who was so busy waving to me that you really run that old man over :P Sorry I didn't recognize you - you weren't wearing your ID badge.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Frum Punk lives in england, but he has been visiting israel recently.