Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Finding ME

I come out from behind the curtains with my hands up. I admit, I'm guilty of neglecting my blog and its readers. It wasn't that I was much too busy dating, too busy with work or even too busy socializing yet still, I was busy, busy finding ME. Now finding yourself is a really hard and complicated task, some people go through life never finding themselves but I wanted to, I'm intrigued to what makes me tick, what makes me unique. Being that the choice was so large I began by narrowing the margins and excluding what I am not, that bit was fun and easy (last time I looked I wasn't a boy, married or hot dog vendor) but the choices left were still numerous. So I have spend the last few months working on this and slowly trying to figure it out and I haven't even finish but when I do...I will let you know.