Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Waking up is never a strong point with me, well actually it isn’t so much the waking up as the getting out of bed. With eyes still half closed I fumble my way to the bathroom. As always, while washing my hands I am faced with that mirror. I have yet to be convinced that it does not contain magnification properties although the product details which accompanied it as well as other family members have repeatedly reassured me otherwise.

At this point any vestige of sleep has drifted away and I am left confronting a face that is looking less like my own every day. What has changed? What is different? My skin is still unlined but it’s not the same. It’s not young, it’s not old…its nothing…its lost in the middle of time which to me has become the focus of everything. So now I eulogize and mourn my past faces. Farewell to the soft rosy velvet of babyhood … the youthfulness disguised under dirt smears of childhood … the polka-dots of my teenage years and the fake maturity of my early twenties. Good bye dear faces….I will miss you.

BUT ... I have a new face and its growing on me more every day :)


halfshared said...

Wow Floating, that last line was amazing of you to say. I'm glad you are able to say it and I hope you really feel it.

Floating Reflections said...

As I wrote, 'it's growing'. I'm feeling it more every day B''h.