Monday, 8 June 2009

Deja Vu?

Over the last year or two, it has been a bit rocky for me but b''h I have a few good friends who have given me time and a listening ear. One friend, who happens to be a bit younger than I, often got to hear a lot more than she bargained for. Now to tell you a bit about myself, well, I love analogies and they love me and needless to say whenever I couldn't find the words to how I was feeling, to explain the junction I was at, the decisions I was facing, a scene would form in my mind and I was able to help her understand where I was coming from. To be embarrassingly honest I didn't think too hard about whether she was facing similar questions or where she was in her life, I almost presumed that she would understand me being of almost similar age. It therefore came as I bit of a shock when she recently started to come out with stuff that that she is now going through, differently but not too different from I had been through about 8 months previous, she also began telling me how she only now understood what I had meant and began to quote some analogies back to was an eek moment for me but it has left me a bit confused. Is it a help that I have tread the path before her and she has seen me come out the other side or have I confused her more as she is seeing similarities and now has all my analogies in her head....I am left wondering.

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