Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I yearned for the kosel
A wall absorbed with tears
Worn with each caress
For thousands of years

A wall where each person
Pours out their heart
Barriers broken open
Emotions apart

Souls are all standing
Facing one direction
Praying, shaking, crying
Feeling a connection

As I stand with them
Surrounded yet alone
I look all around me
At the majestic stones

I search with my eyes
For what I not know
Something to move me
To help my tears flow

But much as I yearned
To come here today
Dry eyed I remain
With no words to pray

All plans and dreams
Of what I would say
As I'd stand by this wall
On this very day

The thoughts that soaked
My pillow each night
Have gone from my mind
Not one in sight

Please let me shed
Just one single tear
Say a few words
To the One I hold dear

I said a few words
Without any feeling
But the whole experience
Just leaves me reeling

I leave the Kosel plaza
Feeling disappointed and empty
Unable to reach out
To the Owner of plenty


corner point said...


...such yearning...heart....such deep feelings...


corner point said...
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Bas~Melech said...

Are you in Israel now? If so... lucky thing, you... sigh...

Nice poem, reminds me of something I wrote way, way back. As in, before I knew what blogging was ;-)

Floating Reflections said...

CP: Thank you

BM: I wish! I was sitting thinking and yearning to be there and then remembered my 'not so good' experience the last time I was there and well...this poem just came.