Sunday, 21 June 2009

A tad jealous

As an avid blog reader to a variety of blog I am beginning to feel a bit jealous. Many posts now seem to mention end of year and start of vacation etc and hey I'm still working for 5 weeks!! Those in the USA enjoy a nice long 2 month holiday (office workers apart) while 'over the pond' the holiday is a mere 4 weeks. On the other hand majority of educational institutions here have a 10 -12 day holiday period at the end of December, which I believe that most schools don't have there. It still does not make up to 8 weeks...sigh, why do I always pick the short straw ;)


Something Different said...

Yeah, it does seem like an overwhelming majority of bloggers are in the field of education. Incidentally, I am not. ;-)

Enjoy your 4 weeks m'dear!

Floating Reflections said...

I will:). I used to be in office before I moved over into the sp ed field (which despite what you Americans think does NOT pay well in England)so I remember those working holidays well but on the plus side I could have off other times of the year when I had a simcha or something when now I can't unless it is immediate family.

corner point said...

I'm not in education, either :-)

But hey, at least you guys over there have *glorious* weather all year round! [chuckle]


Floating Reflections said...

Yes, we experience all 4 seasons daily ;)

Lvnsm27 said...

really? only 4 week vaction?


halfshared said...

Okay, you know what? I'm jealous now! 4 whole weeks of vacation? That sounds like utter bliss.
I work 12 months a year and I've been working here for quite a few years so I don't really know what a vacation feels like anymore!

Floating Reflections said...

Lvnsm: How many do u get on the west coast?

HS: I too went straight into an office job and worked 4 years straight without ''offical'' holidays but it has the plus side of being able to take off for cousin's weddings etc. Now I can only have holidays otherwise dont't get off.