Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dear Me,

Why am I hurting
Those I care about so much
The ones who stuck with me
Who were my crutch

Why am I pushing
Those I really want near
The ones who know
My one big fear

Why am I fighting
Those who want to be there
The ones not leaving
Those that care

Why am I running from
Those offering assistance
The ones giving me time
With least resistance

Why can't I accept
That they mean what they say
They aren't going to leave
They want to stay.


halfshared said...

Dear FR,
Have you ever tasted the sweetness of sharing a burden? Or are you so afraid of being betrayed, that you just can't bring yourself to let go, because you don't think you can deal with being hurt again?
Your behavior is very typical of people that have a hard time trusting.
In any case, I'm here for you and you know it. I'm not going anywhere...

corner point said...


You're doing those things cuz you're in pain. But we really are here.

Just remember that...

Scraps said...

^ what she said.


Floating Reflections said...

HF: I guess I have had trust broken on a number of occasions, thanks for your kind words.

CP: Maybe...I will try to remember. Thank you!!

Scraps: Thanks.

little sheep said...

i keep coming back here and reading this post again. i want to say something, but i don't know what to say.

thinking of you...

little sheep said...

in a lot of ways! (sorry, meant to put that in the last comment)

Floating Reflections said...

LS: Sometimes it is hard to find the words but I do understand that you care. Thank you.