Friday, 9 January 2009

The letter

Everyone approaches a newspaper differently. I tend to start from the back page as then I don't have to wait too long till I get to the letter page, my favorite part. This time was no different but one particular letter caught my eye and hasn't left my mind.

The letter sought a warm, yiddishe home for a baby girl with a disability, a family who would help support her medical and social difficulties. Her parents felt that they were unable to bring her up but would like there to be a possibility of contact in the future. It then went on to explain how they were appealing to the Jewish community as if no family were found the child would be placed in the central adoption system and would end up with a Non-Jewish family.

My reactions didn't shock me, my heart ached heavily and I sadly sighed for my impossible hopes and thoughts. I want to take in this girl, I want to care for her, offer her a home and help her develop and grow. Grand wishes but disappointingly, not possible. I am a single girl, not married and would therefore never be considered. In addition, which boy would ever consider a girl who had adopted a child, it would be social suicide, I'd be cutting all my chances, I wouldn't be allowed.

So one little girl out there is searching for a mommy and one big girl aches to be that mommy....



Floating Reflections said...

P.S. I know every child deserves both a Mommy and a dont have to say it.

halfshared said...

Wow. I feel with you on this one. I hope that child finds a loving, Jewish home and I hope that you are Zoche to build your own beautiful home very soon.

Scraps said...

Sigh... It's sad that you're both wanting, needing, what the other can give you, and yet it's so inaccessible...

I, too, hope that this child will find a good, loving, Jewish home to take her in, and I hope you will also be able to build your own home very soon!

Floating Reflections said...

Amen and thank you, both of you.

Anonymous said...

i actually know the family involved and its such a sad story -the sisters want to adopt the child too but cant because they live at home with their parents and their mum isnt able to look after the baby. thats why it says that some of the family members would want to be able to stay in touch.
i feel the same as u - i always feel that i want to adopt a child but since im still single i cant - NO guy would marry me then! But in the meantime there are these children out there who could do with just a little love in their lives.... Great blog!

Floating Reflections said...

Anon: Thank you. I think many single girls feel similar, after all we were create with a strong capacity to give in order that we can give to both our spouses and kids. Iy''h for all of us soon!