Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ikea renames some products...

For those of you who are familiar with the regular names that Ikea uses for its furniture - this is a good one!

Welcome to Ikea Israel, where products include:

BILLIG – a cheap bookcase for all those extra seforim

NIDAH – a moveable bedside table

FRESS – an extra-long family-sized dining room table

GREPS – a carbonated soft drink available from the restaurant

BROYGUS – a new range of wedding invitations

SHLUF – a comfortable single bed (only single beds are available at this branch)

NINEDAYS – a healthy meat-free meal option

OSSUR – a budget computer system with Internet access

TOYVEL – a luxury, extra-deep bath

SHMUTZ – a strong shower gel

FRACK – a long jacket, available from the clothing department

GROB – an extra-large convenience meal with no cutlery

PONIMCHADOSHOS – a face pack for the Charedi lady

SHTINK – a room deodoriser

SHLEP – a set of heavy-duty suitcase, available from the luggage department

SHAA – a set of earplugs

EKEL – a rather sickly cake, available from the restaurant

YIDDISHKEIT – an outdoor toy for Jewish children

DREK – a toilet brush

SHMOOZ – a telephone

SHVITZ – a thick duvet, available from the bedding department

SHTEIG – a work desk, available from the office department

NACHAS – a family picture frame


Lvnsm27 said...

that's very cute

corner point said...

Hm....a tad confused with some of those....

[scratches head]

Floating Reflections said...

Bit like I am when i go to Ikea and try to work out how the name fits the item? ;)

halfshared said...

I love Ikea. I go there for fun sometimes! Very cute.

nmf #7 said...

Very cute. FR: Aren't the real names in Ikea from Sweden- and as such- in Swedish? You know Swedish?

Something Different said...

LOL this is great! In my family we make fun of the names. Like when we bought a lamp at ikea, we didn't call it a lamp, but rather a svedka.... =)